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Torrents not appearing in job list


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Hello everyone,

i have a problem as of about 4 days.

The job list, the main display area of utorrent, where you can select torrents and change the order ect., is empty. The side panel still shows the numbers of the torrents in the corresponding categories, all torrents are under No Label, there are no hidden torrents. The bar at the bottom of utorrent also shows that torrents are downloading and uploading, adding a new torrent works, it downloads and everything i just can't see it in utorrent.

I have attached a screenshot, i have thoroughly searched the web for a solution and could not find someone with my specific problems.

Problems with hidden torrents usually had to do with the hidden label or torrents not even showing up in the side panel.

I have restarted utorrent multiple times, also reset the column headers. Any ideas apart from reinstalling?


utorrent screenshot.png

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