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Tracker fails.


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Each night before I go to bed I start up uTorrent in what I call "Don't care about connection" mode so that I can seed as many things as possible. Now I've noticed when I wake up all my torrents' trackers will be offline. ALL OF THEM!? What gives. I can stop of transfers, close uTorrent, and reopen and restart everything and it will be fine. I have no idea what causes them to go down in the first place. Also I've tried to update the tracker to no avail.

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Nope, that's worse than unlimited upload speed. :D

Each active torrent is trying to get 50 upload slots. Each upload slot takes a percentage of your upload speed.

So with just 10 torrents, that's potentially 500 upload slots...

20 KB/sec split 500 ways is essentially giving nothing to alot of people at once and trying to use 30+ KB/sec upload bandwidth to do it! :P

If your connection can only really upload about 25 KB/sec, that overload alone may explain the errors you're having.

With lots of torrents you can set upload slots as low as 1, though 2 or 3 upload slots may work better.

Try to have no more TOTAL upload slots (upload slots x active torrents = max TOTAL upload slots) than you have KB/sec upload speed.

If you only had 5 torrents going, you could allow 4 upload slots per torrent.

Your 20 KB/sec upload speed would be split 20 ways so each upload slot gets about 1 KB/sec...it'd still be pretty slow for someone downloading from you, but that's better than just giving them lots of wasted data.

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I have been experiencing the same problem as Repentius for the past few days, whereas previously I had not had any problems with trackers. There seems to be a similar complaint in thread http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=14686.

I have not changed any setting on my PC or uTorrent. When starting uTorrent everything, including my uploads and downloads, will work normally, however if I leave the program running and check back later, all the trackers report the tracker status as being offline and of my downloads will have stopped. Setting my preferences to connect on a different port does not restore the trackers. However, if I shut down and I restart uTorrent, all the trackers are immediately online again. Since this has happened several times, I really do not think this is the fault of the 20 or so trackers.

I will try and time uTorrent today and see how long it takes for the trackers to go offline - i'm guessing it's anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. If any more info is required, I am happy to supply to try and get this fixed.

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