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How do I relocate torrent file (not contents)


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I have rearranged some paths on my computer and moved files around. For some torrents, the content (downloaded files) was moved. I know I can reassociate an existing download with a new content location by right-clicking a torrent -> advanced -> change download location. That actually works pretty well.

But for some other torrents, the location of .torrent file has changed, too. Now uTorrent display such downloads with "Error: cannot open .torrent file: <old path>". This is of course expected, but how can I remediate that? I.e. how do I tell uTorrent that it should now look for the .torrent file for a given job in a different location?

(I know that removing the torrent and re-adding it can be used as the last resort, but I would prefer not to do that, if possible. I have a complex system of tags, different save directories, custom destination names, etc. This all will have to be re-done manually if torrent is re-added, so it's a PITA.)

Thanks in advance!

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Actually, the GUI lacks the ability to change .torrent files location. You can two choices:

1. GUI: add this torrent again, if needed, do the "Change download location", and then force -recheck. It can take time, but eventually, you are done.

2. Close utorrent, and backup,search/edit resume.dat (using the BEncode editor), and change the .torrent path(es) in there


Good luck!



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