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Magnet not downloading


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I have a Magnet that is not downloading anything, including the metadata. Normally I would just move on to another link, However

1) it has 45 seeds and 41 peers, even shows connected to 15 seeds. Seeds 15 (45), Peers 0 (41) so it Should be downloading

2)since it showed so many Seeds and Peers.... get ready to laugh.... I do not remember what that particular download was. So I can't go get another link LOL


- Is there an issue with the download that can be resolved? (the other dozen or so links I selected in this group downloaded fine as normal)

- Is there a way convert it to a title so I can just find another link? I used Torrent Search https://snowfl.com/ to find it and was not able to backtrack to a title 

magnet (453c0105c6331b67f4ae0fc37a235bc14bb957f3)

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