Another feature request to ignore that would save a lot of time - download the header pieces first to avoid unwanted downloads

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The first pieces of a torrent are not always downloaded first.

That means, I can have a 6 GB movie that I am downloading, which I can't preview until it's nearly complete or fully complete. 

If the first few pieces were downloaded first (the headers), then I would be able to find out the duration of the movie, and identify it. 

Back in the olden days.. I recall there was a setting someplace that allowed one to give priority to the first and last pieces of a torrent.  I don't see that option anymore. 

I think the header file is necessary to determine what codec is needed to play the movie. 

Of course, downloading the entire movie sequentially would defeat the purpose of torrenting.. but I would really like the FIRST few pieces downloaded first, so I can avoid downloading things I don't really want.  For instance.. some screwballs intentionally upload massive files, with deceptive names, just to get their ratios up.  When I download what is labeled as a 10 GB Blue Ray version of "Mary Poppins" and it turns out to be a documentary about basket weaving in Bangladesh.. I'm not happy. 


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Thanks themov!   I checked and it was already set to TRUE which is the default. 

It doesn't always grab the first pieces first though. 

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