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Problem with uTorrent v1.6


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I have a problem (only a minor one) with uTorrent (THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT).

I have a AMD 64 Sempron 2800 running @ 1.6Ghz running Windows XP (x86) MCE 2005 with 512 DDR-2.

When i close uTorrent my PC restarts??????? is this just a compatibility issue that can be solved with Windows XP64?

Does anyone else have a similar Problem???

It never happened on my old board --> AMD Sempron 2200 running @ 1.5GHZ with 512 DDR and Windows XP (x86) MCE 2005

only since i got my 64 bit board??


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uTorrent exits then PC just restarts NO BSOD - no shutdown screen - windows just vanishes then i see the POST....

Merged double post(s):

it was off

I got a BSOD!!!!!!!!! It said "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its P*ssing me off.

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EDIT by silverfire: Yet another post merged. Seriously. The edit is in bold. It shouldn't be that hard to miss.

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