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Many Inactive Files , Although A Lot Peers & Seeders


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Hello , i have recently joined the BTT gang , but noticed that most of the files i have completed and i seed are actualy inactive.

There are plenty of peers and seeders available on these files and my internet connection is about 500mb download and 300mb upload.

I assume that it might be due to some settings in the client , so please help me to find a solution as i want to be a better part of the P2P community.


utorrent inactive.png

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Thank you for your response back , so there is nothing i can do to "force" all these thousands of numbers to become active ? Just patience ? 

Also i noticed that for the past few days my Earning Ratio has gotten really low , up from 3 to 0.93 btt / gb this morning. Trying to figure out how does that feature works , as it is kinda disappointing to see the numbers getting low and low.

0.93 BTT / GB
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