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µTorrent 1.1.7


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It's here. Yes, that annoying bug where µTorrent would not start after an unclean shutdown has been fixed. Some small usability improvements were made. Also, ipfilter file is loaded correctly now. Go get it from the download section!

--- 2005-10-21: Version 1.1.7 (build 288)

- Fix: Ipfilter was off by default (and there was no way to enable it).

- Fix: True/False boxes in advanced settings page wern't hidden when window is loaded.

- Fix: Advanced settings dialog would crash if you double clicked outside of the list.

- Fix: deadlock if utorrent was shutdown apruptly.

- Change: Compute ratio as uploaded/total_size instead of uploaded/downloaded for seeding tasks.

- Fix: Start seeding checkbox in Create Torrent dialog was buggy.

- Feature: Added search engine feature.

- Change: Create Torrent dialog generates less pieces in "Autosize" mode.

- Fix: ipfilter.dat didn't work.

- Fix: Increase the amount of laziness for lazy_bitfield.

- Change: Redesigned seeding priority system.

- Feature: Added option to hide µTorrent from the tray.

- Feature: Increase # of uploads if uploading is slow.

- Fix: Ignore case when sorting torrents.

- Feature: Show tray popup if there's a download error.

- Feature: Single click on tray icon.

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Share on other sites has been released. It is a minor update and will not be published to existing users through the application's auto-updater. We expect no further updates until 1.1.8. DHT support is now our main focus.

- Restores the seed ratio textbox, which had been replaced with a combobox in 1.1.7.

- Fixed small issue with seeding priority behavior.

- Ability to customize the up/down rate limiting menu through advanced options

Available in the download section.

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The language pack for has been released, available in the download section.

-- Contains the following translations:

Chinese Simplified by Dark

Chinese Traditional by Hin

Chinese (Taiwan) by noir

Czech by Krytak

Danish by Nineball

Finnish by TooLeet

French by Serge Paquet

German by Istrebitjel

Greek by PowerThunder

Italian by DeathPilot

Norwegian by Martin

Polish by MaV

Portuguese (Brasil) by Darth Maul and **Fábbio**

Russian by Lexus

Slovenian by BaRtMaN

Spanish (Castellano) by CO-2

Spanish (Latin American) by Matías E. Palomeque and corrections by Chrono79

Swedish by Ludvig Strigeus

Turkish by sedat guzel

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Need some help, hope you can point me in the right direction as to where to post a

newbee question...how in the heck do I use this stuff? I have installed uTorrent 1.7.1

and have found a file on isohunt that I would like to download, now how do I do itI tried double clicking on the file I want to download and it says that I have to have the P2P software, which I do, So is it some that I need to do using uTorrent? HELP!!!

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