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Don't keep torrents errored if not found only one time


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If uTorrent doesn't find torrents in a location that's no longer mounted it doesn't check again ever, and you need to select all these errored torrents and start them again.
Can we please get uTorrent to check and run these on subsequent start ups rather than keep them in an errored state?

Sometimes hard disks can go offline or the system is removed from these and reconnected and having to select them all to start again shouldn't have to be done imo.


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This is a bad idea, definitely this needs to be a user selectable behaviour.

I wouldn't want torrent content files that I delete to just start redownloading, I do an annual purge and I leave torrents in my job list because that prevents me from readding the same torrent in the future. If I deleted the files then I don't want it auto redownloading them... I just purged them on purpose.

Again this would have to be user selectable.

[X] Restart errored torrents automatically when uTorrent opens


If this is a feature you want, you can implement it with the "Run program when torrent changes state option" write a script that backs up the resume.dat every time state changes until state changes to error, if state changes to error, flag the error and stop backing up. Write a second script that restores the resume.dat and clears your flag before starting uTorrent. Make that your uTorrent launch shortcut.

I think that is the best bet, because restarting uTorrent automatically when error state is reached would just create a restarting loop since disks are likely to be offline for a while. 

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User select-able option is nice to have, just using it should be wisely since it may not be "valid" for several other use-cases...

As to using uTorrent as a "data-base" to record used-torrents... this is definitely not what the designers had in mind... :P  Huge on-growing torrents' list (even if some are inactive) is not desirable for many reasons.

I am achieving the same, using the tool provided for that activating a script at he end of every download to record it in a text/list file... I can share if you like...

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