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Best routers for uTorrent?


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I've tried various routers -- wireless G, wireless Pre-N, wired-only office-type routers, etc. Belkin, Linksys, D-Link, Netgear..

Right now I'm using a Netgear FVS338 (expensive), upgraded from a Netgear FR114P, which still ocassionaly reset or bogged down when there was too much activity (I had my max connection set between 150-200). So far so good with the FVS338, but this is only day one. Speeds so far have averaged 90kBps - 150kBps.

Anyone else have a recommendation/horror stories?

My settings:

Global upload: 40 kBps

max global connections: 400

max per torrent: 100

upload slots per torrent: 4

outgoing encryption: Forced

Incoming legacy connections disabled

max number of active torrents: 20

uT 1.6



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Before doubting the router's performance:

1) Open the Speed Guide in µTorrent. (control-g)

2) Follow the directions contained within to tailor µTorrent's settings to your connection.

I have a cheapo Netgear, and I have little to no problems running µTorrent for weeks at the Speed Guide recommended settings. Many people have had great luck with Linksys routers with Third-Party firmware installed.

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The real test of any router is an enormous ftp transfer of tens of thousands of tiny files. That's locked up every consumer router, wired and wireless, and a few business-class ones I've tried, on various firmwares. It also quickly exposes network adaptor driver/harware problems, it isn't always the router.

(FTP is such a crap protocol, no ability to hold a data connection open at all.)

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cgonk, your 40 KB/sec MAX upload speed won't go far when split 80 different ways. (4 upload slots times 20 torrents at once = 80 total upload slots.)

Almost qualifies as leech-like settings, at least from another person's view who is downloading from you.

On top of that, with you potentially having 400 connections at once, just to get ANYTHING from you in return could be a long wait...

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I'd reccommend the D-Link DGL-4100. It's the wired version. It has a 100Mbit WAN connection and support some 2000+ connections. Most routers have a 10Mbit WAN and suppot less than 500 connections. And if you need wireless you can always add a adapter. Many routers also allow you to switch them to a access point of bridge mode. You also gain the help of packet......something, forgot......Gamefuel. It works. And it's nice to have a gigabit network.

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