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uTorrent, BIG torrent and 100% CPU (build 474)


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This problem is continue from http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=10791

the conclusion is

Downloading or seeding BIG torrent (in my case is 157GB) cause somtimes 100% CPU (maybe when choke,snubb,request etc). Selective download about 5GB.

if you stop that torrent, problem gone.

if you start that torrent again, problem comeback.

my computer spec.


Mainbord Asus A7V8X-X with sound/LAN

512 DDR Ram


Clean system novirus/spyware

I'm not sure this bug. Because normally torrent would be response to peers request. If that torrent has >40,000 (4MB) pieces, and suddenly over 100 requests from 100 peers come to you for 100 different pieces = 100% CPU?

don't worry about this bug because µTorrent din't crash, BSOD, or make error anything (just 100% CPU 1-2 sec). But may cause framerate drop in games/movie.

PS. If you have same problem, Please show the biggest size of you active torrent. (8GB should be fine)

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hmm... let's see,

override cache to 20mb (my connection is 512/256; 32mb is too much)

reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed

enable caching of disk write

-write untouch block every 2 minutes

-write finish pieces immedieatly

enable disk caching for disk read

-remove old block from cache

the other is not select

in advance setting, I chang only halfopen = 36,peer disconnect interval = 450

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Hm, other people have download large files without complaining. I realize it's only a chat thread with a simple question only, but I think someone would've made a note about it being somewhat of a problem with µTorrent. The only report I see close to yours might've been Enzeru's post, but he was unclear in his post, so I can't tell if it's really similar. Meh, I don't know what else to say.

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After to test with other client................ (2 files selected ~100mb from 157GB)

Azureus error from start (CPU100% from select window). Some file cannot select/unselect. Memory usage up to 100M. WTF?. No download at all. After restart program torrent gone.

Bitcomet 0.63 CPU 100% for 1 minute, Then every thing OK. Close program took 1 minute with CPU100%.

I try to browse downlad directory but cause program not responding............

It seem problem is my own computer cann't handle too Big torent.... (there is a lot of client in peer tab)

thanks for help.

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I think i have the same problem, not with one big torrent but with about 10-15 smaller (still quite large/equate to the same size as yours) torrents.

I also use the Jetico firewall so maybe its that causing the problems, It takes about 15-20 hours for it to go near 100% usage though.

I think its time to change firewalls :/

EDIT: I can confirm its definatly Jetico Personal Firewall causing my problem, i changed it to allow everything and immediatly CPU usge went down. Anyone recommend a half decent firewall?

Thanks to the poster for posting this, it was just what i was looking for :)

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