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uTorrent APP DATA uselessness


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I really see an enefficiency here in regards to utorrrents APP DATA placement and the subsequent fallout of annoyinness the follows.

When a person installs utorrent however they may, it always creates app data in the users individual files. Why can't it be universal, main point being

1.) Easier to acces

2.) Nobody has 2 internet connections needing different settings?

I suggest at LEAST make it an install option if not MANDATORY to have it in the Program Files\uTorrent directory. It just keeps things simpler that way.


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different accounts in the same PC means most probably people will download different things, therefore a different settings is needed, if u want it to be universal just copy the .dat files in %appdata%\utorrent to the location of the .exe so everything will launch from there and not touch the %appdata% at all, no needed option for it since most of the people don't even know where does µt save the settings anyway so it wont be a mess for 'em

the option is, if u dont want it that way just move the files urself, no need to ask people things maybe they wont understand

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