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Using anonymous proxy, but still getting direct traffic. Why?


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I am using a proxy program that reroutes all traffic to a highly anonymous proxy service. I have forwarded both Socks4 and HTTP service ( to two different proxies ) using this software.

I have setup utorrent to use the socks proxy for both tracker and peer connects, and it seems to ( the proxy software log shows a ton of rerouting happening ).

My first question is how come my PeerGuardian is still showing some blocked traffic ( although alot less than without the proxy software running ). If I'm rerouting, why are connections coming directly to me? Does utorrent send info about my IP thru the proxy to the other clients? Is it something to do with DHT? Is there some other protocol that I need to reroute? Please explain? Please also explain the best way to be completely anonymous, if possible. The proxy software I'm using is called "ProxyWay Extra," by the way.

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Performance is dictated by the quality of the proxy. Surely in this day and age of RIAA and such, making a BT client the supports using proxies to their fullest should be a priority. Why put proxy settings in, if they're not actually functioning? Surely, you're simple answer can be expanded on. If I tell utorrent to go thru a proxy, it should ONLY go thru the proxy. Is it going a different route also? Someone must know the answers to all of my questions ( both here and in my post at the top ).

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I was asking why I was still getting peerguardian blocks, and the DHT expalins that. Thanks for the info on the DHT not being proxied.

My question was how to do it, not whether it was a reasonable option for everyone in the BT community to employ. I personally would rather DL with the confidence of anonamity at half the speed than without anonimity. Surely, security and peace of mind are worth it.

I am currently using a foreign highly anonymous proxy that is giving me atleast 250 K/sec ( 2.5 mb) downloads, that's with my DHT turned off. So clearly it works at reasonable speeds, and I'm now anonymous.

If uTorrent allowed for DHT to be proxied (at least as an option) it would be great. It shouldn't be that hard to add, I assume. It would definately put uTorrent over the top, if none of the other BT clients allow for it either.

Thanks again for the help!

My last 2 questions are:

1. You mentioned that "incoming" traffic is lost with the use of a proxy. Doesn't the proxy just act as my machine would, communicating in both directions for me? Could you explain what you meant?

2: Are there any other BT clients that allows for the DHT to be proxied, since uTorrent doesn't seem to?


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Communications can travel in both directions, but connections cannot. You can ony generate connections in one direction while proxied.

Proxying DHT isn't possible with ANY client.

You can't assume that you will get optimum performance or even half of optimum performance while proxied.

Anonymity on the internet doesn't truly exist.

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I'm still confused by your explanation ( communications vs connections ). Are you saying that uTorrent can't work over a proxy because it won't make connections? If that is so, how am I downloading now with my proxy?

Am I not truely connecting thru the proxy? Am I missing out on a key piece of info regarding how proxies work, or how BT works? The way I assume the proxy works is it takes my request for packets from someone and asks for me, then sends me the packets without ever telling the sender who actually asked for them. Did it do something else? Is the proxy relaying info regarding me on thru because BT tells it to?

Please explain it in clearer, simpler terms. Connections vs communications are not clear enough for me.

Sorry if I'm being dense, but I bet alot of folks on this forum would like the education as well.

Tell me what really is happening with BT and proxies if you don't mind ( ignore the performance hit issue, I get that point already).

thanks again.

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Think of a connection as a phonecall.

Now think of you being proxied as you making a phonecall through someone else.

Now think that the someone else isn't allowed to forward calls to you.

That's how being proxied works.

By not accepting the incoming calls (connections), you are putting needless strain on people who can accept them.

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But I'm still sharing at my full upload speed as always. So, I'm downloading and I'm uploading, where is there a lack of connection? Is uTorrent working around my proxy or something? Is it bypassing the proxy to the tracker or to other peers? It seems to be working normally, and the proxy software is showing all the rerouting as expected, so where is this lack of connection you're talking about? I presume you mean that I am only sharing with those that accepted my call and are sharing with me.

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I see what you're saying. That helps alot. I didn't equate a proxy with a firewall, but I can see how a proxy can give the same result ( less connections ). Thanks for the info. The bottom line for me is that there will be some downloads that I will want to use a proxy for, and some that I won't. It's good to know that the proxy option works as long as you turn off DHT. Otherwise DHT will cause you to NOT be anonymous.

I am pleased with the performance that I am getting with the proxy I'm using. It certainly is plenty fast for the times that I need it.

Thanks again.

Merged Double Post(s):

Ok, now I have another question.

I see that peer-2-peer communications happen using socks, while tracker communications use HTTP. Many trackers won't accept communications from my socks proxy ( I presume because they need HTTP protocol only ).

Can you suggest a way to have the peer to peer proxied to the socks proxy, and still have tracker communicate with a http proxy? I see no option in uTorrent that allows for that. Any ideas? Why the BT system uses multiple protocols at once is a mystery to me ( and it's OK that way. I needn't understand everything in life.) I would just like a work-around that would allow for working proxies for all of the BT requirements. Trackers seem quite finicky.

Any ideas?

EDIT by silverfire: The edit function exists for a reason. Double posting instead of editing is negligent and unnecessary.

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