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This is a support forum for µTorrent


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Hi There uTorrent Community

I feel that some take things far to serious instead of enjoying the diverse culture with internet.

Statement:This is a support forum for uTorrent!

A: Yes I know.

I am sure I am not the only one using uTorrent with ISDN and many would have far more exsperience then me in optimizing the computer.

My resources are limmited with stoneage equipment compared to some and I just

asked for a little advice.




Today 04:37:26

This is a support forum for µTorrent, not cFosSpeed.

Read the rules! | Read the FAQ! | #utorrent@irc.p2p-network.net

Think you have speed issues? Try the Fedora Core 5 torrent before posting.


Dear silverfire,

I promise to buy shares when I can afford it.


Hi There

Hope you tolerate not so smart, being me.

I am interested in cfos.

I Read posts (in this forum) < [Edit Today], sorry still goes strait over head.

I have 2Channel ISDN, 128KB.

Nt1 Plus II box was supplied by ISP along with disk to install drivers (my Up/Down is Unlimited)

and I dial in to connect when I want to use. I have 500MHZ Processor and run XPpro.

The posts seem to say that cfos is for me but I am not sure I have understood

as I read further and over again thinking maybe I am mean't to install cfosspeed

for my system.

I see cfos & cfosspeed at www.cfos then I see a "cfosspeed miniport" at softwaresite

and now I am really confused.

could some one please help me with version I should think to install that might be simple

for me in laymans terms without maybe having to understand all the sci detail.

Thank any one for help/patience.

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#I come in peace, gifts may follow#

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