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I'm quite new to torrent. I'm downloading some huge file and now some of them stops at 93%-95% and when I look at seeds, it shows 0. I've been running my utorrent for 3 days and the downloading bar not moving.


1) I've noticed some torrent has different tracker url, can I add them to my current one ?

2) What can I do about my files which stuck on 93-95% , it is a big file. If possible , I dont want to start all over again

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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Also, if the unfinished torrent is causing bandwidth problems (such as you've already seeded 10x what you've downloaded with no end in sight and have other torrents you want to complete in the meantime) -- set it to only 1 upload slot, 1 KB/sec upload bandwidth, and low priority.

If the torrent ever finishes, it might be worth seeding awhile at higher speed or checking back in a week or so to see if others are still missing the x% you took days/weeks/months to finally get.

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