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u-torrent settings


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I'm new to u-torrent,but not file sharing.I have a couple of questions configuring u-torrent to optimize my cable settings.

My specs on high speed are {4mb down;384kps up}

Upload settings 384/8=48kps upload

Download settings Unlimited

I normally download 2 files at a time,and have the upload speed set to 20kps/per file on each torrent.I go into the properties setting on each of the 2 torrent files that I am downloading,and set upload to 20/kps.

The settings I configured in the u-torrent under preferences are:

number of upload slots/ torrent 1

seeding ratio set at 25%

Am I on the right track using these settings?

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First and foremost, follow the Setup Guide. It finetunes your µTorrent settings for your connection. It also deals with upload slots.

Second, that ratio is very very low. At least set your seeding ratio to 100%; that means you are at least uploading as much as what you have downloaded. Anything more than that is highly encouraged. The people you got the file from shared, why not you?

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There is an important exception:

...if you find out a torrent is garbage/fake, then you should stop it as soon as possible!

It is ok IMO to take longer to reach a decent ratio on a torrent that has LOTS of seeders if you are doing so to upload faster on marginal torrents with few/no seeds. I often lower priority of "overseeded" torrents to low and put their upload slots to 1.

I also do this when there is only 1 seed on the torrent and I haven't finished downloading the torrent despite having a >400% ratio. I am not going to "subsidize" a torrent if others on the torrent aren't willing to pull their load. This FORCES other peers to take up the slack and makes what I do share more likely to be a rare piece.

Seeding a torrent today doesn't neccessarily mean there's someone still around to seed it 2 weeks later, so if something you like is being poorly seeded now -- restart that torrent and seed it some more. :)

We don't have enough upload bandwidth to seed everything -- we need to let the good ideas win over bad ones!

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