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'qued seeding' and 39(75) seeding


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Why doesnt uTorrent seed everything I have?

What exactly is 'qued seeding' ?

My uTorrent icon in my bottom right corner of monitor says:

5(5) downloading

39(75) seeding

why does it only say 39 of 75? I would like it to seed all 75. What does this number mean and how can i get it to seed all 75 ?

I am connected to a tracker and i need to share more seeds.

could someone who understands 'qued seeding' and the numbers related to 39(75) seeding give me a breakdown of what these things mean and how i might get all to seed?

thank you much, jason

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ok let me try and state something more clearly

I WANT to seed as many as possible. I am connected to a tracker, which shares files with an onlince community. The more we share the better our ratio in the tracker, the better our ratio in the tracker, the better our status in the community.

If our ratio is too low we can be kicked and banned from the community.

Now I'm not sure if you understand now. But I would like to seed ALL of my files I downloaded from this community, with the people in the community.

I know people will not always be downloading from each torrent, but if they look in the tracker and no one is seeding the file, they wont even try.

It would be a shame for them not be able to leech the file just because uTorrent is not seeding it for me.

Now if anyone actually UNDERSTANDS what I am trying to do. AND has a clue on how to do this.

OR can explain to me how the 'qued seeding' and the numbers that come up as ' 39(75) seeding '

I would appreciate the help.

I'm not trying to have people download all 75 torrents at once from me, i just want the people to know, they can, because i am seeding.


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Well... I often have about 70 torrents 'seeding' in utorrent too so I hope I can give u insight based on experience.

There is an option to set how many files are allowed to seed at the same time. U could set that to 75. However as said before, if every torrent has peers this will make the upload crapy for all but a couple of torrents. If you are sure only a part (lets say 10 max) will have peers at any time then u could do it like that.

But otherwise you are luring people to download torrents with a 'seed' (you) but when they start the torrent they can't connect to you because you are at max connections or they connect and then don't get any pieces because ur upload is allready used by other torrents.

So in most cases its just better to not have everything seed at once. The queued seeds are actually paused and will become active as soon as another torrent is finnished seeding (set somewhere in options) or if ur upload gets below a certain speed (also set in options somewhere).

I don't have utorrent handy right here cos I'd have pointed you to those options.

(I myself have max seeding torrents on 5, but due to torrents without peers (and thus low upload usage) it starts more and more queued seeding torrents until my upload minimum is met or everything is seeding...).

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"(I myself have max seeding torrents on 5, but due to torrents without peers (and thus low upload usage) it starts more and more queued seeding torrents until my upload minimum is met or everything is seeding...)."

As it should be IMO.

It's important to do a calculation also on your average upload speed PER upload slot.

Note this requires knowing how many TOTAL upload slots are being used across all your torrent rather than just the upload slots PER torrent.

If the average upload speed per upload slot is less than 1 KB/sec, it's going to slow your download speeds on torrents that are poorly seeded/low availability.

If the average is below 0.5 KB/sec, it is awful to be downloading from you -- as you're probaly just sending out part of a piece (typical size 256KB or 512 KB), and so even after downloading from you for 5+ minutes straight they have nothing to share themselves.

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Now if anyone actually UNDERSTANDS what I am trying to do. AND has a clue on how to do this

I hope you recognize that people already understand what you are trying to do, and they are telling you that what you want to do is a bad idea.

If you run the setup guide, utorrent will select a number of torrents to let seed. It will start those seeding. Eventually, if it finds that one of those torrents has no peers, it will stop seeding that torrent and begin seeding another one, rotating through your list of torrents trying each one for a period of time finding peers, and if it does so, uploading to them.

If you try to force utorrent to do as you want to do it, you will actually HURT all of the swarms you are attached to, and be a detriment to the community that you like.

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It is possible by having far more upload slots active than recommended for your connection to be worse for the torrent swarm than a pure leech.

75 torrents active and each having possibly 4 upload slots each...even though you're the SEED, you're still generating a surprising amount of traffic to the tracker and everyone who connects to you...saying you have all the torrent and you have upload slot/s available.

...but there's basically no bandwidth attached to each of those upload slots and does almost nobody any good.

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@BoundSyco: Thank you :)

@jasonelzic: Starting more torrent jobs simultaneously won't make your ratio go up any more quickly. In fact, it'll slow it down when you take the insane overhead bandwidth that is being generated due to the insane number of connections into account, but are NOT being included in the upload count.

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Well if 90% of the torrents on a site is without peers 90% of the time having more torrents run simultaniously will make your ratio go up faster (for example a large community with only short video's). Cos otherwise your upload won't be used optimal all the time (in fact you could be stuck with a couple of torrents seeding without any peers at all for a long time) BUT as I, Switek and Ultima (obviously intendeded) said. Its better to let utorrent handle starting more torrents (from the list of queued seeds) when needed then having utorrent always run 75 seeding torrents simultanious.

[edit]There ya go Ultima

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You could even reduce upload slots per torrent to 1 and check the use additional upload slots if <90% speed and possibly end up with ok results, although from my experience I have to set upload slots to 3 per torrent...though I seldom try to seed more than 4 at a time.

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@Lord Alderaan: Indeed, if there are torrent jobs that aren't moving, then µTorrent will automatically start another torrent job. And if those torrents aren't adding up to 90% of the upload rate, another upload slot will be opened automatically anyway until it can reach the upload wanted. AKA just leave µTorrent be, it'll do what it can. I do believe you missed me in that list of people who said that it's better to let µTorrent handle the torrent jobs :P

Edit: Okay... it seems I didn't say that earlier... but that's what I had meant to say... =T

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thanks for the help

i figured out some things after using uttorrent for a few days.

yes i seed alot, and actually will be seeding more then 75 probably

the community i am part of, it helps to seed more files

most files are never downloaded accept the newest ones, but it helps everyone out if there is atleast 1 person seeding everything at all times

yes i understand your concerns, but that is not the case

and maybe seeding more doesnt make my ratio go up per say, but i believe in the end it will

because i will be seeding things other people are not seeding so i will be the only one they can leech from

also it looks good to the admins of the community to see a new member seeding alot

my uploads speeds are better then 75% of the people or more i believe, so i dont think seeding 75 has hurt me or the leecher

thanks for all the help

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39 active seeding torrents strikes as way too many

best what you can do when new to torrents is to let the program setup and run itself, I am affraid that your maybe well meaning hands on approach is mistaken, you should do hands on approach only when you are pro at torrenting

it is much better to have fewer active seeding torrents but make them worthwhile in terms of kbs that you can feed out to pple, all that matters when it comes to your ratio is that you upload something, nobody cares and nobody can even know what exactly you are uploading, all the community sees is your ratio but how you got it they can't know and as I said they don't really make it their concern to find out

best policy is to set high seed ratio for torrents and then let them sit there in background and utorrent will fish them out for seeding when their time in que comes


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Think of the other people as well as your ratio/s.

If you're only sending to people at <0.1 KB/sec, it does them no good even if you're sending to 1,000 people at once. They take minutes if not hours to have even the smallest piece to share to anyone else. But at the same time, 1,000 times 0.1 KB/sec is still uploading at 100 KB/sec -- so your ratio goes up nicely while doing almost nothing individually or quickly for the torrent swarm.

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