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Wrong number shows in Peers / Seed lists


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Not sure if this is a utorrent bug or a Tracker bug ...

Help me understand.

I think that utorrent connects to the tracker to find out who has the torrents ... then utorrent checks with each user to see how much of the file they have ... if utorrent finds out that the user has the whole file it marks them in the seed colum .. if they only have part of the file it marks them in the peers colum.

Is this correct ?

If this is correct then I might have found a bug. I think it started when I went over 130 torrents ... anyway here is my issue.

After some time of torrenting on a private tracker my "Catagory List" looked like this.

Downloading 1

Completed 140

Active 4

Inactive 137

(something like that)

My inactive files are all with the status of "seeding" ... being a member of a small tracker we try to keep old torrents availible for as long as possible.

Anyway ... For the 137 torrents I had inactive the seed / peer numbers started showing up wrong. Some files would show 10 peers but no seeds when it was the other way around there where 10 seeds with zero peers. The variation was not fixed. Some times the count would be off by 1 .. some times off by 8. (small tracker so at most there are 20 seeds per torrent). When the count is off .. it always turns seeds into peers.

About 20% of the torrents have the wrong seed / peer count.

When someone downloads from me a torrent with the wrong seed count it still doesn't update correctly.

I use the update tracker option and the number does not change.

I have forced my network usage speed down to almost half to update the tracker and still no change.

If I reboot or restart utorrent some of the torrents that where wrong are right but some of the ones that where right are now wrong.

It seems very random.

It has now been 4 weeks and my numbers are

downloading 3

completed 280

active 3

inactive 280

I have upgraded from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1 480 and I still have the same issue.

The stats for the tracker is as follows

Registered users 11,098

Banned users 4,562

Torrents 4,962

Total Peers 14,358

Seeders 13,440

Leechers 918

Total Traffic 184.53 TB

The tracker/server is actually 2 servers doing some sort of load ballancing

The tracker reports the correct number of seeds / peers. (confirmed by admins and users who have seeds that are showing up as peers)

This is not a big deal .. everything works just fine ... the slight problem is that when a torrent is wrongly reporting no seeds .. it seems to get automatic priority over all the other seeds I have uploading which are showing a few seeds.

Anyway Love utorrent. You guys are great ... I tell everyone to ditch Az, etc .. for utorrent.

I will never give up utorrent. Especailly now it has the webui.


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I am guessing most people are on big trackers where there are large swarms or just so many people that you really don't know how many people are seeds or peers ..

Being off by 8 on a 30 person torrent might not be noticed .. being off by 8 on an 8 person torrent shows up pretty quick :-)

Also as I said before I never had this problem until I went over hosting about a 130 torrents.

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Like I said, I've yet to see this on any sized swarm, so size is almost definitely not a factor here. At one point, I had 70 torrents loaded and started (for WebUI testing purposes), and none of the numbers were incorrect despite the fact that the swarms each had maybe 3-10 people, including myself. And yes, on most of them, there were only seeders connected, yet they showed up in the correct places in µTorrent.

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WhooT I was lucky today I saw someone downloading from one of my "wrong number seeds" .... after about 60 minutes the seed numbers corrected it's self.

Humm ... is this just a time out error. If utorrent doesn't get a percent complete update from each peer / seed .... it must just leave them in the peer collum until it finally gets an update.

May be utorrent needs to have it's "network time out" extended ... for incoming AND out going responses to torrent status requests.

I don't know if thats right or not .... just guessing at this point.

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