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I wish a new feature:)


The Reason is, that my Parents everytime close uTorrent when they are getting on PC. (Green Button)

It should Autostart with Windows.

With a shortcut should I open this program, maybe password protectec but I dont need a password protection.

Or if isnt possible please add a feature that I can change the little icon myself

Sorry for my very bad english :twisted:

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The program can already autostart with Windows. I use that feature myself.

Password protection will likely NEVER happen.

And I have a feeling you're never going to be able to change the icon yourself either.

You might just have to educate your parents not to close it when they use the PC.

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Go to download.com and search for HideWin. It should serve your purposes, since it's a global boss key thing that makes Windows "forget" a window, leaving it out of the task manager applications list and taskbar. Unfortunately, you can't hide its process, but under light scrutiny, it should still hold up.

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