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uTorrent 1.6 and Port 80???


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I've been recently recieving a lot of Spam messages and I'm starting to think there's a program on my machine sending out junk email (I use Mailwasher and I get to see emails in non-HTML form, and a few state that I sent them originally, when I never!) Over the weekend I downloaded some Port Reporting software from Microsoft to see if there is any program using Port 80 (the email port). I read the report today and there was 4 programs, Mailwasher, Outlook, Avast Anti-Virus (it scans email) and uTorrent!

Why would uTorrent need to access Port 80 as it doesn't send emails? It even weirder that I did 2 searches within uTorrent and both of these seem to be recorded as accessing Port 80.

I want to eliminate uTorrent (version 1.6) from my enquiries so can anyone know of an explination into why it is using this port?


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