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Troubleshooting Red ! on my utorrent 1.6


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I transfered my bittorrents to another computer hard drive [500 Gig SATA/second HD on new system]. I've remove McFee firewall and installed Etrust. I've added utorrent.com [] as trusted ip address. I also selected everything with the trusted zone. I using a Dlink DGL 4300 Gaming Router. I've turned off PnP on both the computer and router. I selected removing this computer from the Dlink firewall [only using eTrust's firewall]. I also tried to turn off the firewall with negative results. I've updated my firmware and re-installed my configs for Dlink. uTorrent is downloading an avg 10.3kB/sec but the uTorrent is showing non-connectable [Red !] on the bottom of the display screen.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated....

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D-Link routers are notorious for not handling UPnP, DMZ, or DHT correctly.

Make sure DMZ is disabled in the router and DHT is disabled in µTorrent.

Use Peer Exchange instead of DHT.

My guess is Etrust is blocking incoming connections and may even be killing some outgoing connections. If so, it needs to be reconfigured/removed.

Also a possiblity is settings overload.

What speeds down AND up did your connection get in tests?

Please post what settings you're using as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)...as well as any advanced settings you changed.

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