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New member with question please...


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Hi this is Melle and I'm a new member of the forum. I have been using UTorrent now for about a month or so. My question today is that I'm not seeding. My download is way slow today and I'm not uploading at all. I'm not very familiar with the way UTorrent works and all the terminology. I've been to the FAQ but can't seem to find my answer.

I did a download and upload test on the site they recommend last night and they tell me the following

Download rate = 412 kb/s and the second test was at 432

Connection = 337 kbps or 3.4 mbps and the second one gave me 3537

Upload connection 484 or 0.5 mbps and I upload at 59 kbs

Does upload mean seeding? I'm not seeding at all since last night And my download speed is very slow. I'm using Windows firewall.

Helpppppppppp please. I'm trying to seed (whatever that means) to keep my average up. At the moment I'm at 88% according to the site statistics. I want to move it up so it reaches near 100. I'm not sure about any of my settings and I've been to the FAQ but I'm not sure about anything. Can someone help me configure my program manually to make sure I don't mess everything up?

PS. I thought I would add a couple of screenshots so you could see.


Thanks very much for your comments and help.

msmelle :)

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I tried disabling Windows Firewall but it doesn't make a difference. 2 days ago I was downloading at 189-100 kbs and uploading at around 50 -60 and today I'm downloading at 30-40 and not seeding at all and not uploading at all. I tried several programs. Please can someone help me configure this thing. Thank you. Msmelle

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If you haven't already, try the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and select the xx/512k setting...that's the closest one to your upload speed.

You may need to lower µTorrent's half-open connection max in advanced settings. Sometimes even lowering to 4 helps.

Do you get the green light at the bottom center of µTorrent's window?

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