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Can a torrent be modified by someone other than the torrent author?


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My problem:

I've downloaded a copy of one of the most popular torrents being downloaded/seeded now (a RTM Vis_a torrent). The torrent I downloaded has hundreds of people dling, but after downloading everything I could, I find that nobody with 100% of the torrent files is currently downloading, and utorrent reports the Tracker's "Connection closed by peer". There are a large number of downloaders of this torrent that are stuck with 99.8% downloaded and have been hoping someone with 100% would show up so we could complete our downloads (but it just isn't happening).

The same exact torrent is being seeded from other Trackers that have seeders with 100% of the files. I'd like to know if it's possible to download the few files I'm missing (for the torrent to be complete), from the same torrent on another site, .... then by combining the files in some way to get the files to work properly (they are in the .rar format). Is it possible to add the needed files into the folder holding 99.8% of the files, .... then modifying the torrent, (or with some other process) to make the files work properly?

The torrent in question is well over 4 gigs in size, so I really don't cherish the thought of me having to start all over to get the download.

Your help would be greatly appreciated,


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