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Lately I'm getting tons of hash failed messages when i try to download popular files.

The download speed also keeps changing beetwen 0.2kb to 100kb without any pattern.

When i try to download files who are not popular that rarely happends.

I saw in the FAQ it says that "If you gets lots of hash fails on your torrents with a D-Link router, make sure DMZ mode isn't on. The DMZ mode in this router (called game mode) mangles packets and causes corruption like this, preventing you from completing a torrent"

but my DMZ option on the router is "When a request from the Internet is not directed to a virtual server (listed in the table below):

[X] Block request


I use a 3com router. I have a static IP in the computer which is running the uTorrent and a specific port is directed to it.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance, Mashak20

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With the OpenOffice torrent, poisoning peers are not present, so something in your setup (either software such as firewall software or network card drivers, or hardware such as oddities in your router or network card) is causing them.

Occasionally, peers advertise pieces they don't actually have, and transfer them. That may explain the one hashfail on the OpenOffice torrent.

The DLink DMZ Download Destroyer effect causes a download to be unfinishable while the conditions are in place. Since you're able to complete torrents I would suspect it's just the specific torrents you're downloading, as getting a single hashfail on a torrent is acceptable in comparison.

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