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generaly MS Office is better, BUT 99% of the people out there (including me) don't know why (some expert features that almost noone actualy uses).

but this is not the point, here we use it ONLY because the torrents are always well seeded and can be used to test your speed, not because we try to make you use it or sth (not that it's a bad idea to try it though...)

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ms office is:

1. faster

2. good-looking

3. easy to work with - especially with the new office 2007 interface

4. support the most common document formats. (doc, .. - ofc, those formats are a property of MS..)

OOo is:

1. bloated

2. java-based

3. features lacking

4. doc format not fully supported - incompatibilities occur now and then.. yes i know there are OOo formats, but ms office doesnt support them..

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