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Why my Utorrent always in 0.0k for download & upload??


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I also cant download or upload anymore, i re-install utorrent but nothing change, its strange because i didnt change any thing for the past month. On a other account, on window xp sp2, my girlfriend install Ares a other p2p program. Its the only thing that i think that could f**k up utorrent. I checked for spyware and virus, my pc is clean. i love Utorrent and ares is shitty, but i dont want to end up in jail for domestic violence because she doesnt want to uninstall it!

(btw I just joking about violence)

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To uninstall everything in UT, must delete the utorrent folder in Application DAta.........

Start -=> Run -=> type in %appdata% and press enter. Delete the utorrent folder. - by Lord Alderaan

I delete everything,,,,,,,, put in a new utorrent, it work , but the up load always > download more than 500%.

Last time, my download is always ~ 100k, now never exceed 40k......... and the icon never turn into green, always red or nothing..........

must have something wrong in my connection...................

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