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i just downloaded i a 9gb in 15 hours using utorrent


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right now i'm at 98% and it just stop downloading and now is only uploading.

why is it doing that?

what could i do?

it's been doing that for five hours now.

it's a family guy torrent(all eposodes even the new ones of this year)

help please.....

also where do you guys get your torrents from?

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How is the swarm? Are there any seeds? If not, what does it write under the "Avail." column? I get the feeling that only 98% of all the data was released to the swarm before the seed left...

If so, that's pretty demonic of the seed to do that. :evil: You never ever do that, it's like slowing down to pick up people, only to speed-up later and run them over... :!:

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there is 3 in the swarm

it's like this....1(3)seeds


i'm just about to finish right now...it's at 99.4 i was doing so good at downloading, it was like 400kbs now..i'm lucky if i get 3kbs! under the 'avail' column it's at 1.994

thanks for helping i'm still downloading right just wating for this big torrent to download so i can start seeding.

also what settings do you guys have?

is having yours settings high a good idea?... for example i have global max upload at 100...i'm doing this just to experiment on the settins.



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