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How do you PRONOUNCE µTorrent ?


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So, is mu-torrent incorrect? That's how I always said it. And is there any particular reason they don't use µ in the .exe?

Anyways, I realize this question may not technically be "frequently asked", but I think, out of courtesy, it should be in the FAQ, if only because every other program I've ever installed with a questionable pronunciation (ex. Bochs) has it.

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I pronounce "mee"! In so called "distorted Latin" spelling & pronunciation, it's "Mu" but it's wrong, because the "u" is actually the equivalent of the letter "y" which has an elongated short "i" sound "ee". So saying the name of this letter would be like saying "ME! [shouting or screaming]". µ when it's in mathematics is the symbol called "mikro" latinized to "micro" meaning "one thousandths". As a Greek number, it's the number 40.

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- - - - YOU say toe-may-toe

- - - - I say toe-mah-toe

the point may be ute ( moot )

but we were not ute ( mute )

but fun none the less, among more serious forums :)

To the post that said in MATH u is MICRO; that is the numeric label of scale.

In Calculus the u is the MU in mute :) but both are "math" yukkkk.

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Do you have an alternative pronunciation for α other than "alpha"? If not, then that's a moot point. µ can be read differently depending on context, because it's just the Greek letter "mu", but is also used as a unit prefix read as "micro" (as in "microseconds" or "micrometers"). And if α had multiple pronunciations, you wouldn't be able to tell people for a fact that it's read "alpha" as opposed to whatever the other pronunciation might be.


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Hi all,

I hate to beat a dead horse, but I would like to supply my humble opinion.

I've always pronounced it as microTorrent, excpecially since I've seen it described as, "a (very) tiny BitTorrent client" . I grew up around electronics and computers and mu has almost always been pronounced as micro in my small brain, such as microfarad, similar to k-kilo as in kilobyte, M-Mega as in Megabyte, G-Giga, Gigabyte, etc.

International System of Units.


Of course I defer to the admins, and project developers for the correct pronunciation.

best regards,

Captain Nemo.

P.S. In my Blog posts, I've always referred to Microsoft as u$oft, maybe nobody knows who I'm talking about. :(

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