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UPnP not working well


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I'm running µTorrent 1.6.1 on XP-SP2 with the firewall disabled. No other firewall has been installed, so firewall can't be the problem. UPnP is enabled and working on my NAT-router, proven by the fact that other applications using UPnP work just fine (Miranda IM, for example). If it helps to track down the problem, my router is a SpeedTouch 546i version

I'd like to help by giving more information, but µTorrent doesn't seem to reveal the HTTP-requests/responses that makes up the UPnP-functionality...

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Of course if I forward the port to the PC it works perfectly... but it kinda defeats the purpose of UPnP. Also, my PC's get IP-adresses through DHCP, so that too will have to stop.

What if I use Wireshark to see what's going on between µTorrent and the router, would that help?

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You *might* be right, all I see happening is this:

M-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1\r\n

Request Method: M-SEARCH

Request URI: *

Request Version: HTTP/1.1






And then nothing. 5 seconds or so after this the log says "Unable to map UPnP Port." as if the router doesn't even respond. Maybe my router only listens on TCP/2869, while the above request was made on UDP/1900 (the other UPnP port). But I can't be sure...

Why does µTorrent stick with just UDP/1900 anyway, instead of trying both ports before erroring out?

In any case, what do you recommend on further examining this problem?

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Alright, so now I have another router :)

It's the Netgear FWG114P and UPnP is proven to be working. It shows one UPnP-mapping at port 1325 for Miranda IM, so this proves UPnP does work... Yet µTorrent continues to show "Unable to map UPnP Port".

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I looks that way, but 1.7 does provide more info:

[01:43:36]  UPnP: Discovered new device:
[01:43:36] UPnP: ERROR -3 mapping port 6881 ->; Deleting Mapping and trying again
[01:43:36] UPnP: ERROR -3 removing port 6881
[01:43:36] UPnP: ERROR -3 mapping port 6881 ->
[01:43:47] Unable to map NAT-PMP Port.

So uhm, "error -3" means something useful?


Still happening in 1.7 beta build 1875... Is there any progress, or more info you need from my end, because I'll happily provide it.

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