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Problem with Connectivity to Seeds/Peers (Forwarded, V5 WRT54G)


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System information:

Windows XP

1024mb of Ram

3.07Ghz Celeron D

Cable Modem Connection (Comcast 12MB/386KB)

Firewall: No

A/V: No



As you can see, there really is no good answer explaining this, it just seems like there is nothing I can do, i've checked through the advanced options in utorrent, I've come across nothing helpfull to me.

upnp mapping never worked, on any torrent application of mine.

I run a WRT54G Linksys Router with Speed booster running 1.50+ Firmware.

My OS is on a fresh install (8 days old).

Now, a lot of torrents give me good speeds, some I get up to 1.25MBps, usually a average torrent gives me those kind of speeds of 200kbps, but lately I have been downloading some tv episodes of "hero" and I came across this problem.

There are so many seeds, and so many peers, why does it connect to so little?

DMZ is on, there is no ports being blocked, and there is no firewall installed on my system, there is no antivirus installed on my system, whats the deal?

Heres a screenshot to help whoever is willing to help better understand the situation.

EDIT: yes, I read the rules, this is not a speed problem, this is a connectivity problem with peers/seeds.


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