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"Why are you making so many threads asking questions you can probably find the answers to on your own?"

Because that's what Forums are for.


I know I'm asking good questions when I get answers that include phrases like... "I don't really know, but..." Or, "I'm not really sure, but..."

Then I know it's probably a question that other people have at least wondered about... if not asked... themselves.

There's no such thing as a stupid question. Only a stupid answer.

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Yes, yes.

I sent that to YOU, Falcon?

But you're so Nice...

I guess I'll never live that down.

Every word typed on the internet is permanent -- written in indelible ink -- to last forever.

Maybe that's a good lesson for life... when you think about it.

Even words spoken... and then long forgotten... might be living in the Other Person's memory for a Lifetime...

(especially true of words spoken to children...)

But, knowing me, I must make some points:

(1) I had completely forgotten who I sent that to, so I obviously don't hold grudges.

(2) I sent that via PRIVATE email... I did not post it publicly.

(3) As I recall, you must have said something... the way you responded to a newbie user, I think... that really ticked me off.

But, as I said somewhere before... I TRY... and 99% of the time I do... let things like that go... and just ignore them.

I guess you got the brunt of a 1% day.

I apologize.



And since I know you're just DYING of curiosity...

I'll tell you...

what punlman means...

PUNL = Pure Unconditional Non-judgemental Love

which is also the title of the book I am writing.

SO, I do try to live up to this... perfect, in my imperfection.

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Yep, there is only one falcon-at-falconfour-dot-com... of course there's also a chaz and a dark_donut but those are different people. :D

Gotta say that's definitely a different face I never thought I'd see against the broken-record hatred-machine I encountered the first time we met... which is kinda nice. Maybe you will live down that first impression after all. :D

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