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Not Connectable with NO ROUTER


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I am having a major problem with utorrent and my speeds because apparently my ports won't forward properly. The thing is, I have nothing to block the ports that I am aware of. I am directly connected to the internet with no sort of router or even any sort of firewall. I disabled windows firewall and I am not using PG2 anymore since they kinda boycotted utorrent after merging with Bittorrent (so I boycott them ;)).

I'm at a loss about what to do. I have done all the ipconfig mess and restarted multiple times and even left my computer off overnight to see if something would work after that. I'm still downloading but at VERY SLOW speeds.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't have a software firewall even installed on this computer. I have the windows firewall disabled.

My IP is 204.111 and I know you are thinking it may be 192.0 or whatever. I am really at a loss on what to do here :(... I used to download at 360 and now it's maxed at 50!

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i also is having the same problem

using utorent speed guide port checker,i can stop/start utorrent as many times as i like,

the ports are set to randomize each time,and each time i check them,i get the error message saying the port is closed

i dont even use a router

utorrrent has full access with zone alarm pro

i do however have a new isp supplier pipex

i have also installed a new modem (linksey) and and new 10/100 lan card,so i can connect via a ethernet cable

whats the deal with a ip that has 192?

cause my internal lan has that i think?,it starts with 192.168

whereas my external ip starts with 88.111

any help,would be appreciated

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