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The end of utorrent for me???


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I have searched and read all I can on this forum to try to find a solution to my problem without success. I have been using utorrent for at least a year without a hitch until now!

I have check to make sure I have no incompatible hardware or software and am running windows XPSP2. I am moderatly computer literate so please be gentle! ;)

The start of the issue began when starting utorrent my PC would restart itself, I disabled restart auto feature in XP but and tried to fix the problem but without success. Eventually I started with a fresh install of xp and installed 1.61 installation. I fired it up and got an error saying that resume.dat was missing and has been recovered, I clicked OK and my PC froze. I had to press the reset button to reboot, nothing else would unlock it. I uninstalled Utorrent then ran regseeker to remove all Utorrent entries in the registry and downloaded the standalone version. I fired it up and got the resume.dat error again and my PC froze again!

Like I said above I have searched and searched and cant seem to find a solution. I am currently using Azureus which runs fine but is definitely no Utorrent. Apart from this problem the PC runs fine and all other apps are completely stable.

Can anybody help me get my Utorrent back?

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