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I'd like to be able to rename the torrents in my list just the names which are displayed or making a way to sort them like some filters i dunno.. because i'm using a local tracker which is not flooding my connection and i can seed everytime i want

so i'd like to be able to stop the torrents which are not local..

if u make a filtering system i could filter them by local and not local (global) so i could easily stop the global but not the local :) or maybe by renaming i could place [LOCAL] in front of each torrents name and move it to the top of the list so i could easily select the bottom torrents and press stop. but unfortunately the sorting feature (moving) is not available yet instead of these arrows which i couldn't understand what they're doing (maybe i will be able to understand if i read but it's not what i want to do so it doesn't really matter:P)

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