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swiftnoc.com|NL or PL

I don't know because it's a domain of a Polish IT company http://swiftnoc.com/links/aup/ that owns its network AS35017 flagged as NL https://apps.db.ripe.net/search/query.html?searchtext=as35017#resultsAnchor







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@nikos1850: http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip search "appdata", first hit.

Although µTorrent is mostly self-contained, there has to be a location where it can store its settings for later use after the first run. Because µTorrent does not use the Windows Registry, it has to store its configuration in files on separate files on the disk. By default, those files are located at %AppData%\uTorrent, which can be easily accessed by pressing visiting "Start" > "Run" (or by pressing Windows+R on the keyboard), typing it into the "Open" field, and pressing "OK." Typically, you'll find several .dat files in the settings directory:

dht.dat contains information regarding DHT that µTorrent uses when connecting to the DHT network.

resume.dat contains information regarding currently loaded torrent jobs.

rss.dat stores all RSS-related settings, and also holds the history of previously downloaded torrent jobs. This file only gets created if you use the RSS Downloader.

settings.dat contains most of the settings in µTorrent, and also contains the information listed in the statistics dialog.

Note that it is normal to find .dat.old and .dat.*.bad files in the same directory. The former file type denotes good backup files for the case that the corresponding .dat file becomes corrupted. The latter file type denotes backups of corrupted files, which may be sent to the developer for analysis if necessary.

In addition to .dat, .dat.old, and .dat.*.bad files, µTorrent stores loaded .torrent files in its settings directory unless a storage location is specified. These files need to be stored in order for µTorrent to work properly, so do not delete them unless you are absolutely sure µTorrent no longer has the associated torrent job loaded any longer. If you want µTorrent to delete the stored .torrent files automatically upon removal of the torrent job, see the description of the Remove button in the toolbar.

and search "flags.conf", also first hit:

Interface Customization

flags.conf & flags.bmp are files used to replace the internal µTorrent assignment of flags to a peer's resolved IP's host domain. flags.conf is a text file that specifies the flag order, and maps host domains to a country, whose flag is then obtained from flags.bmp. flags.conf only works on hosts with a TLD of .net or .com, each mapping in the format host domain|country code, where the country code is the country's IANA-assigned two-letter code. flags.bmp is a Windows bitmap that contains adjacently-conjoined bitmaps of dimensions 16x16 each (without any space in between), each 16x16 square being a flag. A custom flags.conf and flags.bmp is maintained as a community project in the µTorrent forums, compiled by eng. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+R on your keyboard tells µTorrent to (re)load flags.conf. If peer.resolve_country is enabled, these files will be ignored.

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