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Transfering torrents from 1 client to another


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Hey! I had a look and that wasn't really what I was looking for, but I found this:

How can I use µTorrent on a USB key or other removable drive?

Simply copy settings.dat (located in %AppData%\uTorrent ) to the same folder as uTorrent.exe, and you're done.

How can I share my torrents between user profiles / make µTorrent run self-contained in one directory?

Simply copy the entire contents of %AppData%\uTorrent into the same folder as utorrent.exe. Alternatively, create a blank file named settings.dat in the same folder as utorrent.exe, if you'd like to start out fresh (no settings/torrents). If using it in a multi-user environment, this folder should be accessible and writeable by all users so they can share settings and resume data.

Now I have had a go, and done this, but I'm getting the error of "Error: Can't Open .Torrent file: dir/filename"

any ideas?

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Firon :) You are a hero :D The 1.7 works when you have them in the same folder, you just get an error message on the torrents rather than cant open.... and then you have to click start, and they check the files etc! Seems like it could work :)

thanks man

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