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I have the German version of utorrent, so the actual error message might sound slightly different in English. For multiple downloads I receive the following error message:

"Error: Data is still missing. Please check."

That data is still missing is quite obvious because the downloads are not completed to 100%. What could be the reason? Anybody experienced it before? Could it have influenced the download that I checked to open the file even though some parts were missing? It played, but got stuck for the parts that were not downloaded yet.

Thanks in advance.

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ja, it could be that you moved the content without doing a right click afterwards in µT to tell him to look for the content to re check at the new location, which would be a simple resolution of the 0% problem

or (and that would be a more serious problem for you)

your try to play the content while it wasn't finished changed it's structure and thats why the recheck fails now. (Windows Media Player that defaultly changes mp3 file tags is the classical example!)

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