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new DHT feature


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i am wondering, does the new DHT features in uTorrent support the securetorrent options in the torrent and tracker, so that private trackers can force the torrents not to be used in DHT?

here are the 2 things that MUST be implememnted if they are not already:



these 2 features allow private trackers to add the private key to the torrent, which will prevent torrents from being shared in DHT, and to make it have a private key in all the torrent announces, so if the torrent is older, and does not have the private key set, when the client announces even once, it will see the private key (even if it gets an error) and will instantly stop using DHT.

If these features are not in the current implementation of DHT in uTorrent, you will soon find that uTorrent will be banned from all private trackers



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