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Fix: Download torrents red, trackers not found?


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If your download torrents turn to red after a while you started utorrent and the General-tabs Tracker status is disconnected (or similar), when you have selected one of your red torrents, this fix might work for you.

My computer's OS is Wxp SP2. and I checked system event log (Start, Run, eventvwr.exe, OK) and I found out that there were these warning events at the same time my torrents went red:

Source: TCPIP

Event ID: 4226

This means that W2k SP2 restricts the number of simultaneous TCP/IP connetions to your computer to 10. To increase the this number, you need to logon as Administrator, download, unzip and run this:


The zip contains EvID4226Patch.exe. When you run it, it checks the number of simultaneous TCP/IP connetions, if its 10, it asks you if you want to increase the number to 50, and does that, if you answer "Y".

EvID4226Patch.exe edits C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\TCPIP.SYS. You may need to run EvID4226Patch.exe again if/when you update your OS (= run windowsupdate etc.).

More info:


Google: Windows XP SP2 and Event ID 4226 source TCPIP


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Also note that it isn't JUST Windows XP SP2 that chokes on high half open connection rates.

Marginal software firewalls, routers, and modems can also experience the same problems when they get overloaded.

For them, you have to either replace the offending bottleneck, reduce µTorrent's half open rate, or patch/update the problematic item.

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