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1.2 - Schedule ignored whilst seeding?


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I have a schedule setup so that torrents are only active from 1am to 6am (unmetered time for my ISP). Scheduler seems to work fine when downloading.

However noticed that when seeding the scheduler appears not to take effect - I've been uploading at full whack for an additional 7 hours past when I wanted it to stop. As far as I know the torrent was not forced.

Is this action by design? I know a lot of people have a stick up their arse about seeding...

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I'm having the same problem as jibba. "Turn off" doesn't work on seeding torrents. Not only do they continue to seed but they also ignore the global maximum upload rate. If I close and restart µTorrent then they are all properly queued (clock icon).

As a workaround I'm going to try "limited" with the upload and download rate set to 0.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I'm using version 1.3. And none of the torrents are forced.

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