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Please help with out of the blue connection problem.


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Utorrent used to work fine with all 3 of the PC's on my home network. Now they don't all of a sudden.

Color of network light is red (exclaimation point)

Port checker for 1 PC is 27441 from speed guide.

All PC's have WinXP SP2

None of the PC's have any 3rd party security software OR antivirus software

The common router is an old Linksys BEFSR41 with latest firmware (1.46.02)

Cable modem is Webstar DPC2100

ISP is Charter High Speed @ 5mps down (St. Louis, MO)

Cable is the mode of connection.

DSLReports shows me at 4742Kbps down and 487Kbps up

I've set up 1 of the PC's so far with static IP address as mentioned in the various guides and FAQ's and that has not helped. I tried to scan many ports using online checkers and none can see the higher port ranges 15000 to 45000 etc.

My router is set to allow all those ranges for all the ip addresses it could assign (.100 .101 .102 .103 etc) both UDP and TCP are enabled. Essentially nothings been changed since it was working great before. Actually, one of the PC's was working good above the range I listed above which I didn't change because it was working.

Windows firewall was on and happily allowing all of the Utorrent traffic, since this problem I have turned it off and the problem remains.

If there is any information that Im missing, please let me know. I would really appreciate some help in getting things back to normal.

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Thanks for the reply.

Even if the router isn't good for utorrent, it has been good and also, woundn't that have been evident from the beginning instead of teasing me with spectacular performance on Monday and being completely lame on Tuesday...so to speak. It just seems like something actually changed either in the modem or the PC or something. I just can't put my finger on it yet.

I've recently set a static IP to one PC outside the normal range of the router, but within the subnet of course and that has not helped either.

Also, Utorrent aside, why can't I detect the forwarded ports on the router as being open from a port scan?

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Im gonna try to check some services to see if a Windows update screwed something up. Not that I know what the hell I'm looking for or anything. I'll run an antivirus just to see if anything is there.

Like I said earlier, I don't run any antivirus software or firewall software at all.

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