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Hello all.

First things first. I'm a complete newb, having only just discovered toerrent files. So be nice. I've been able to obtain a few things and I would like to share them with others. Only I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly and I've run into a few problems.

Firstly when my download completed I stopped it from seeding and manually copied the files to my external hard drive. Only to discover that I had absolutely no idea how to make it start start seeding again.

My solution was to create a new torrent, without a tracker[<--tracker? I have no idea where I'm supposed to get this info from either.]. My icons are green, but it's my understanding that I need at least two people to download the files before they are truly seeded. Right?

I've set the files to superseed initially. But since I'm not sure what the heck I'm doing I'm fearful that they'll just sit there forever. Lonely and unused. {So much for giving back to the community.]

Am I supposed to list, or upload my torrent to a torrent site? I mean how do you get the word out there about a torrent that you want to share? Especially one that only has a few seeders?

I hope that this post makes sense. And I look forward to you suggestions.



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If you removed a torrent from µtorrent and you want to reseed it you have to re-add the torrent by opening the original .torrent file. If you moved the data in the mean time just 'download' the torrent to the new location (or stop the torrent and r-click, advanced, set download location once the torrent is loaded.)

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Firstly, thanks for all of the prompt replies.

Unfortunately I'm still lost.

When I moved the torrent file and opened it, it started downloading again, instead of seeding. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I have Utorrent set up to move my files to my pc HD then move then to my external HD when the dl is completed. Could this be causing my apparent inability to reseed?

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