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Win2000 BSOD


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OK, uTorrent was working perfectly about 3 weeks ago, then all of a sudden is started BSOD-ing my PC. It happens pretty much at random, sometimes uTorrent's all happy happy for a few hours, sometimes as little as 15 mins, but the result is always the same - BSOD.

The error is not the ol' PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA, rather a IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL. I've been through device manager and the only things with any problems are an unknown printer device (some part of the printer, the printer itself works fine and is properly recognised) and a driver-less modem.

uTorrent crashes on a clean reboot, as well as after the computer has been running for a while.

And now for the thing you're gonna throw in my face - I'm using ZoneAlarm. However, ZoneAlarm was causing no problems before, we haven't updated it recently so it isn't a new version messing things up.

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We can't really help you with BSODs though. Usually its faulty hardware and/or drivers. They are not caused by µtorrent, merely triggered because µtorrent uses some hardware fairly intensive.

Obvious things:

search this forum, the internet and Microsoft websites for more info on your specific BSOD error (write down files and 0x00000000 codes mentioned in the BSOD you need them)

faulty ram? (memtest86)

network card problem? (get latest drivers, try other network card, if posible don't use USB network devices)

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