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this is so weird, someone can explain me...?


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I got this problem

utorrent starts downloading a file (good speed 15-25, well for me) but suddenly download and upload are between 0,5- 0,9 kbps. i dont know why. the most curious about this is when it's happening that if I try to use firefox I can not use internet no page is loaded gmail, ...., msn can not connect but if I close (not minimize) everything is OK again I mean I can use internet, msn I mean.

I added pictures explaining this

one of them is showing how utorrent block my internet connection itself


second one is showing ping to google.com after closes utorrent


what could it be?

this happen using utorrent beta, utorrent 1.6 stable but nothing changes


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There's at least one easy thing he can try first:

1. highlight torrent, click General tab, record any bad trackers

2. do that for ALL the torrents being traded; then, for each torrent...

3. ...right-click, > Properties to bring up Torrent Properties; delete bad trackers


4. unplug your ethernet cable (or whatever); restart your cable or DSL box.

5. restart computer, hook cables back up, relaunch uTorrent.

(If it doesn't work, it's easy to restore all the trackers just by dragging your small .torrent file over any part of uTorrent's display; it'll ask you if you want to add them.)

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I too am facing the same problem. After some time interval, the upload and download speeds become around 0.1 kbps and I even cannot surf the net at that time. After 10-15 secs, it again becomes normal. More info and screenshot here.I tried reducing net.max_halfopen to 4 but this did not help. I also patched tcpip.sys with the LVLLrord Patch, but it didn't help. Please help.

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The overloads are thankfully not occuring.coming_out_of_gloom.gif.But can you please explain me why these overloads occur? I hate to tell this, but I am a noob at these matters. And another thing : I was getting around 150-180 kbps with the uBuntu torrent. Should I select 192 kbps from the speed guide?

And thank you all for your advise.thumbsup4kk.gif

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The overloads have come backangry.gif.Screenshot : th_88424_untitled_122_746lo.JPGI have tried everything here. What do I do?


The requested details are :

* Colour of network status light : Green

* Port checker writes : Checking port 57077 on

OK! Port 57077 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

* Settings in Speed Guide : xx/128k

* OS : Windows XP

* Security software installed : Kaspersky Internet Security

* Router model : UTStarcom WA3002-g1


* Connection type : ADSL

* Speed test Results : 9876.png

Why isn't anyone relying?

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