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µtorrent 1.2 crashes computer on download completion


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I'm using µtorrent at home and i'm very satisfied with it, since DHT is within i'm bugging everyone to trash their BitComet and Azureus :P Good job on this one btw.

I'm at work currently, and wanted to download a few mp3's (yeah i'm allowed, mind you). The torrent contains a few mp3's itself, and when one mp3 finish downloading, 1 of 2 things happen:

1) The computer will completly lockup, no more mouse or keyboard.

At first I thought it was simply our KVM bugging, it happend sometimes but it's not.

2) The computer screen will go blank, and if something was playing (music for example) it will simply go berserk and play random notes at high pitch.

The computer is an AMD Athlon 1500 with 256mb of DDR333mhz, Windows XP Pro SP2. The hard drive is a maxtor 80gb MR6Y80L0, the mobo an Abit PLE01. If you need more detailed specs just ask.

Now, I didn't try any other client or any other version of µtorrent, because on the second attempt to download something it made the blank screen thing, I had to reboot using the reset swtich. On reset Windows XP prompted me for a chkdsk, and I let him do it. It corrected a few entries, mostly the internet explorer cache as I was browsing a few websites, but also 1 windows xp fix apparently. After doing it's chkdsk, it rebooted with the "usual" blue screen of death. I am currently ghosting back the system partition but I'm wanting to give it another try after that.

So, does anyone have any idea what could have happened there? As i said, it's really on one file completion, because the first time I tried I started the torrent, put all the files to "do not download" except one I put on high priority (best beat you know :P) and it did this. Afterward on second try I did the same thing but with another song. I downloaded the torrent at home too w/o a problem if this can help.

Thanks for taking your time


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I had the blue screen fatal exception also. and started eliminating the various programs I had running until I found that it was only happening when utorrent was running.

I'm looking for an answer here. I may wait for a later version as I like the way utorrent lists the torrents on the one page.

Cheers Neilium

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Oh, it's a fresh installation of Windows XP Pro BTW. I'M using DaemonTools, I though maybe it could be this so i'm gonna retry tomorrow without loading those peripherals (d347bus.sys and a347bus.sys if I remember correctly).

Other than this there's not anything exceptional running, so maybe it's really this. :S

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G'day, I wrote a heap of stuff in here and lost my adsl connection for a few mins, needless to say I lost the page.

Animorc Yes there are memory dumps with lots of 00000001 s n 0000000002 s and stuff like that says bugcheck reboot. its saved in a file but it's gigantic 750megs. And I cannot open it to copy n paste some of it's contents, if that's what your after.

1c3d0g, yes i did reload xp a few times and put the original drivers in off the cd.. I guess I could get an update from somewhere... I'l wait till I feel ok about it, don't want to muck up my torrents right now.

Cheers and thanks Neil

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Sorry for not replying sooner, but since I need the computer to do my work I cannot try everyday, and honestly i forgot a bit about this problem.

I checked in the events for 15 of november, there's nothing to worry about. 1 hanging iexplore that day, and installed MSN Messenger 7.5 and OpenOffice 2.0 aswell (but probably after the crash, hence the time)

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