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Failure: This Client is Now Banned Please Change Clients!


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First of all this client rocks! well done.

since today, I am experiencing a problem on TBKResources torrent tracker site.

The torrents that I downloaded/uploaded there, have the following in the "tracker status":

Failure: This Client is Now Banned Please Change Clients!

I don't know why they started to ban µtorrent today. I am using version 1.2.

On the site, they posted the following:

"Show/Hide Nov-16-05 - New

Ok due to all of the requests about all of the 'ghost' leechers that are not showing up on the site we have taken the following actions uTorrent is now banned in the hope that this will stop this problem..

their may be more client's banned added. But at this point it has dropped the level of the extra peers down...

sorry if this has caused any problems for you, but we feel that it in the best interest for the community......

Regards "

can anyone explain this?

I really would like to continue using µtorrent, and avoid switching back to Azureus.



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Whoops, they didn't reveal it there, but the discussion continued on the IRC channel and it was revealed there. We don't think there's a bug, and neither does the developer (ludde)

we ran our own test and couldn't get peers from the tracker, and uTorrent respected the private flag.

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it is the same site, but I didn't feel it was important to bring the site out into the public especially when one of the top MODs was responding to the thread with info directly given to him from test he and the sysop conducted... anyway... anyway. hopefully this will all get sorted out!

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