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Over 9000 peers and only 1 connection


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Hi there

I am a uTorrent noob I have searched but with no luck at solving my problem. I have a torrent on download (5 actually) and there are 7000 seeds and 9000 peers it got to 27% and now it wont connect. All of my torrents will no longer connect. The one with 9000 peers has only one connection at 0.2kb/s! The status thing at the bottom of the screen is orange and the download box status for all of my torrents are red. I have allowed uTorrent on my firewall, checked my port it's all working fine. I'm not running through a router any ideas?

I have called my ISP to see if they are blocking uTorrent and they say that as I have satellite broadband I am on KA band and have no static IP and to use P2P you need a static IP is this true?

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