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Unable to connect to ALL trackers


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For the past month i have been unable to connect to trackers, no matter what the torrent is.

The changes which happened around a month ago are:

- Changed ISP (Moved from Orange to Pipex UK)

- Changed router (Old router started to freeze)


ISP = Pipex UK

Connection Speed = Up to 8mb/s (my max is 7, due to distance from the terminal)

Router = Belkin - F5D7632-4 ver.5000uk (Firmware version = 5.00.12)

Firewalls = Windows Firewall DISABLED, McAfee Security Suite 2007

Antivirus = McAfee Security Suite 2007

OS = XP (SP2)

uTorrent settings = Non-standard port set

Things i have tried:

- Using a modem, to see if the router is the problem;

- Disabling McAfee Security Suite 2007;

- Changing Ports;

- Using other programs (Azerous, BitTornado);

- Using my parents PC

- Using brand new torrents with lots of seeders and leachers

- Enabling/Disabling UPNP

Error messages:

- offline (timed out)

- connection closed by peer


Simply this is my last hope, there seems to be no reason why i cannot connect. I have tried to get help in other places but with no luck.

Thanks for any help provided.

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Can you try a different client, like Azureus or BitTorrent, for example?

Many trackers have a response page that you can see if you remove the word "announce" and replace it with the word "statistics" or "stats", for example:



Using this method, you can test if the tracker you're trying to reach is actually alive.

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Wrong. ISPs can, do, and will block tracker connections. connection closed by peer is a pretty clear indication of that in many/most cases (you can search the forums for other people experiencing the same problem, TMnet being the ISP doing the blocking).

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If so how can i get around it? Also why can i occasionally connect to trackers (there is no pattern to when i can or for how long, it just isn't often.)

Also another point:

A friend of mine uses the exact same service and lives a 10minute walk away, but he does not have this problem.

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All Pipex customers get the traffic controlling, but as i said uTorrent encrypts the data so it isn't affected.

If Pipex were stopping me, either by accident or deliberately, would there be a way to get around it so i could connect to the trackers?

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I am having the same problem with connection closed by peer. I am with BT with up to 8mb but by the time it gets to me its 1.5. I live in the middle of nowhere. They have been throttling me for a while now from about 1pm onwards. I would love to know if there is any way round the problem, the throttling or the connetions being closed off.

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I have a feeling that there is no way for me to get around this, but anything is worth a try.

I just don't see the point in paying for broadband when I can make full use of it.


Tried port 80 (msn messenger i believe) and that didn't work.

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