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My Entire Internet Connection Drops Randomly!


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I read some FAQs at other sites and they all just talk about the uTorrent speed dropping, this is different, my entire internet connection over my entire home network drops, it sends and receives packets incredibly slowly, I don't know what is wrong, and yes I do download quite abit of torrents and the problems started when I started downloading torrents, I have Charter Communications as my ISP, if that makes a difference?

Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this problem :)

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My network setup: Outside Line > Modem (Ambit SpeedStream U10C018) > Router (Vonage's Motorola VT2442) > Tivo S3, Desktop Computer, Open Line, & Dell Inspiron 5100

My internet connection speed, when I go Start > My Network Places > View Network Connections > Local Area Network it says Speed: 100.0 Mbps

Settings in uTorrent:

General: Everything is ticked with the exception of "Close to Tray" "Single Click On Tray To Open" "Show Speed Limit In Status Bar" "Alternate List Background Color" "Show Current Speed In Title Bar" and "Start uTorrent on System Startup"

Downloads: The only things ticked are "Activate The Program Window" "Show a Window That Displays The Files inside The Torrent" and "Prevent Standby If There Are Active Torrents"

Connection: Port used for incoming connections: 36292, Randomize Port Each Time uTorrent Starts is NOT ticked, Enable UPnP port mapping IS ticked, Add uTorrent to Windows Firewall Exceptions IS ticked, Type: HTTP, Proxy: localhost, Port: 3456, nothing else is ticked, max upload is 0, max d/l is 0.

BitTorrent: Global Maximum Number of Connections: 200, Maximum Number Of Connected Peers Per Torrent: 50, Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent: 4, Everything else is ticked, IP/Hostname to report to tracker is blank, Outgoing is disabled.

Queueing: Max Number Of Active Torrents (Upload or Download): 8, Max Number Of Active Downloads: 5, Ratio is 150% or seeding time is: (Ignore), nothing is ticked.

Scheduler: Nothing is ticked.

Other: Nothing is ticked except for "Allow uTorrent to send anonymous version number and random id when checking for new version", Boss-Key: None

I'm using uTorrent 1.6.1

Hope that helps you help me. :)


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Hmm Thank you very much, I'll report back if I have any problems. :)

I don't think that worked --as soon as I did that my connection dropped again, sometimes it happens even when I'm not using uTorrent, but it didn't happen the very first time until I started torrenting...

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