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I see that the 'search as you type' option made it to the Files tab in v1.7 but not to the 'Add New Torrent' dialog. As a matter of fact, the only changes to the said dialog seem to be cosmetic in nature which is kind of disappointing.

A 'search as you type' option for the 'Add New Torrent' dialog would be really appreciated. What would be even better would be a 'search as you type' textbox for both the dialog and the Files tab, where only files matching the entered text would be displayed and the rest hidden.

This feature would help one filter out a few similarly named files from a torrent containing hundreds or thousands of files, something that is tedious to do currently.

Hoping for a positive response! :-)

- Andrew

P.S. Are there any keyboard shortcuts for moving torrents up and down the queue?

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Hi! I'm not sure I want the same thing ajones81 was requesting: search box for the torrent list. I can't find it anywhere in 2.0.2. Also it would be nice if I could save the results as a list, similar to 'categories' (since a torrent can't have more than 1 category). Thanks!

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